DSTLRY Previews May 2024

DSTLRY Previews May 2024

Check out the full catalogue for DSTLRY for May 2024 below.

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(W/A/CA) Jamie McKelvie
JAMIE McKELVIE IS BACK WITH HIS FIRST SOLO CREATOR-OWNED PROJECT IN OVER A DECADE! London, 1900. The capital hums with the energy of the new era, but something darker lurks beneath the surface. A monstrous figure stalks the city's criminal underworld at night, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in its wake. Rumors about the mysterious killer spread like wildfire. It's a demon. A phantom. An angel of vengeance.  Nothing can kill it. Nothing can stop it. And once it picks a new target, well, he better have a coffin picked out, because he's already dead. The only clue that a baffled police force has to work with is the black and white feather left on each corpse, leading the press to dub the killer The Magpie.  Is the Magpie killing at random, or is there a pattern that no one else can see? Three individuals, strangers to each other, might together have the answer. Madame Hendrikov, the Russian medium with an upper-class clientele desperate for the secrets of the dead.  Bess Turner, the East End barmaid caught up in the schemes of an organized crime gang. And Ignatious Thorn, the world's most famous consulting detective, brought to ruin by horrific tragedy. The artistic mastermind behind THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, CAPTAIN CARTER, and CATWOMAN: ONE BAD DAY is back with a new comic unlike anything he's created before. ONE FOR SORROW is an intensely stylish, supernatural suspense thriller, full of kinetic action, bloody revenge, and ghostly mystery. Retail: $8.99 In-Store Date: 6/5/2024

(W) Brian Azzarello (A/CA) Eduardo Risso
NEW SERIES DEBUT by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso—the legendary creative team behind the seminal crime series 100 BULLETS! In the old American West, three children set off across the wild Texas frontier to rescue their mother—kidnapped by ruthless outlaws who gunned down their preacher father. Throughout their journey, they'll face the harsh elements of an unforgiving landscape, deadly animals hungry for blood, merciless bounty hunters and so much more…all in a relentless quest to rescue their family. Along the way, they'll learn the terrible cost of revenge‚Äînot just in lives, but in how it stains a soul. While revenge may be satisfying in the moment, it leaves a yearning behind that lasts a lifetime. And once you taste it, nothing else is ever so sweet. In the tradition of The Searchers, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Blood Meridian comes a brutal new western series from writer BRIAN AZZARELLO and artist EDUARDO RISSO—the Eisner award-winning team behind the Vertigo crime classic 100 BULLETS and Image Comics MOONSHINE! For fans of 1883, BLOOD MERIDIAN, & THE GOOD, & THE BAD AND THE UGLY Retail: $8.99 In-Store Date: 5/1/2024


(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Francesco Francavilla
The hit series continues! White Boats are the mega-yachts that the super-rich use to traverse the globe—floating islands where your every desire can be fulfilled. And getting invited on board one should be a dream come true…that is until the crew traps and transports you to a remote island where secret cults have existed for millennia, working on something called "The Human Project." Does the White Boat ship you to paradise or sink you into hell on earth? WHITE BOAT reunites Scott Snyder, the visionary writer who redefined comic book dread with Wytches and introduced Batman into a terrifying, cerebral era, with modern noir master Francesco Francavilla for a white-knuckle descent into Lovecraftian maritime madness! For fans of HEREDITARY, THE HOST, JURASSIC PARK & THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU Retail: $8.99 In-Store Date: 5/29/2024

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