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The Last Starfighter - 1st Release Limited Run - Set of 3

The Last Starfighter - 1st Release Limited Run - Set of 3

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The Last Starfighter SERIES 1 Super Rare 1st release - #29/100
Lobos Collectables Australian Exclusive - VERY Limited Run! Never to be made again!

"Greetings Starfighter"
If you grew up in the 80s, like we did, you might have heard of a movie called "The Last Starfighter". And like us, you might have been disappointed that they never produced a toy line for the film.  In tribute to and celebration of a cult classic childhood favourite, Lobos Collectables produced this very limited run of figurines to portray what the toys might have looked like if they were produced in 1984.

These 3 figures are a Limited to 100 piece and are 3 1/4 scale non articulated and are produced and based on the unreleased prototypes from LJN Toys back in the 80s. They are high quality resin and the 3 figures are Centauri (with removable face), Alex and Grig. You will receive number 29 of 100.
Not sold individually. Set of three (3) figures includes:
Alex Rogan Action Figure
Grig Action Figure
Centauri Action Figure
Please see photos for condition
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