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Alice In Wonderland - Master Craft Alice Special Edition [CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY]

Alice In Wonderland - Master Craft Alice Special Edition [CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY]

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PLEASE NOTE: Available for CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY. Postage is not available for this item

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ takes fans back down the rabbit hole, with the launch of the latest in high-end collectibles; The Master Craft, MC-037SP Alice In Wonderland, Special Edition.
Revisit the peculiar yet extraordinary tale of a young girl named Alice, whom whilst reading peacefully under a tree, stumbles upon a rabbit hole, which leads to a dreamlike wonderland unlike any other! This sets in motion a series of fantastical stories that have brought joy and spectacle to generation after generation!

The Master Craft series continues the beauty of highly detailed, hand-crafted masterpieces, which bring to life some of the most cherished memories in pop culture history. This hand-crafted, professionally painted statue recreates Alice leisurely sitting on top of an oversized purple mushroom and drinking her afternoon tea! Included in the set are the ‘Drink Me’ potion, and ‘Eat Me’ biscuit, which can be freely positioned around the statue.
This special edition release also uses the Italian ‘Giorgio Morandi’ paint style, which is notable for its subtlety and beautiful simplicity. A starry sky, with gradient blue and purples, is used to make Alice’s clothing as well as the huge mushroom platform. A high-end take on the Alice Master Craft, only available in limited quantities and a must-have release for fans of Alice in Wonderland and the works of the famous Italian painter.

The MC-037SP Alice In Wonderland Master Craft Alice Special Edition is limited to only 1951 pieces worldwide. Make sure to order yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Accessories include: Drink Me  Bottle, Eat Me Cookies

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