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Cobra Trooper - GI Joe Super7 Ultimates

Cobra Trooper - GI Joe Super7 Ultimates

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Why in the world would someone decide to join Cobra, possibly one of the most nefarious organisations on the planet? Is it the result of a series of bad decisions, or do they simply want to see the world burn?

Featuring premium detailing and deco, the iconic Cobra Trooper has been recreated by Super7 as an Ultimates! 7" Scale Action Figure. The authentically designed, highly articulated figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands, as well as a variety of accessories for expanding the play and display possibilities.

Help this Cobra Trooper make the right decision by joining your collection, where he's guaranteed to look awesome!


  • 2 interchangeable heads
    • 1x light skintone head
    • 1x dark skintone head
  • 14x interchangeable hands
    • 2x light skintone fist hands
    • 2x light skintone rifle grip hands
    • 2x light skintone pistol grip hands
    • 1x light skintone whip grip hand
    • 2x dark skintone fist hands
    • 2x dark skintone rifle grip hands
    • 2x dark skintone pistol grip hands
    • 1x dark skintone whip grip hand
  • 1x dragunov sniper rifle
  • 1x cobra rifle
  • 1x cobra pistol
  • 1x electric whip
  • 1x walkie talkie
  • 1x briefcase bomb
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