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Imperial Sniper - Star Wars Power of the Force Mini-Rigs

Imperial Sniper - Star Wars Power of the Force Mini-Rigs

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Kenner's final line of vehicles in the Power of the Force toys was the "Single Body Transport Collection". These were three (3) small, affordable (for the time) one-man vehicles that - while never appearing in the movies - fit right in with the iconic Star Wars aesthetic.

Imperial Sniper: An intergalactic IMPERIAL vehicle. Built to navigate through tight areas at supersonic speeds, this vehicle has movable wings and wing assembly. It also features a maintenance hook which enables it to pick up miscellaneous Action Figures and other equipment for the EMPIRE.

All three of the body rigs can be considered tough to locate in comparison to most Star Wars toys. This is because the Power of the Force line of which they were a part was cancelled rather quickly, and thus the body rigs were not on the market long and were not produced in great quantities. Unfortunately, the body rigs were released in the States on blister cards, and today it is nearly impossible to find a packaged example that does not have a yellow bubble. 

Sold loose and complete.

From the Kenner catalogue in 1985:


Introducing the new SINGLE BODY TRANSPORT collection. When the REBELS scout for enemy troops on ENDOR, they use the SECURITY SCOUT. So we've built our new SECURITY SCOUT with a sleek design too, which enables it to maneuver through those heavily wooded forests. This vehicle also emits clicking laser cannons.

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