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X-Men - Scarlet Witch Premium Format Statue [CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY]

X-Men - Scarlet Witch Premium Format Statue [CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY]

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PLEASE NOTE: Available for CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY. Postage is not available for this item

"Don’t be so quick to judge witches.”

This is not a hallucination, the Scarlet Witch is ready to cast her magic on your collection with this bewitching Premium Format statue by Sideshow Collectibles.

The Scarlet Witch Premium Format Statue measures an impressive 29” tall, capturing the powerful heroine using her chaos magic powers to tear apart the mechanical menace of Ultron, and standing on a base of swirling pink energy with the destroyed remnants of Ultron at her feet. Depicted in a dynamic and eye-catching pose, Wanda Maximoff shows off her mystic might with focus, determination, and strength that is unmatched by any man or machine.

Inspired by her classic appearance in Marvel Comics, this highly detailed polyresin Scarlet Witch Premium Format statue features a fully sculpted red and pink bodysuit, complete with red boots and gloves exuding chaos magic tendrils. The statue also includes a tailored red fabric cape with a posable wire in the hem so you can craft a dramatic display on your shelf. Wanda’s powerful portrait features her iconic red tiara, which frames her beautifully sculpted face as her red hair flows wildly under the influence of her magic.

Add a touch of chaos to your Marvel collection with the Scarlet Witch Premium Format Statue.

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